Ceuse, France


1)Climbing in Ceuse, sector Thorgal-Cascade (photo by Pat Nolan)

2)Impressive Ceuse walls
 (photo by Pat Nolan)

3)Ceuse, sector Demi Lune
 (photo by Pat Nolan)

4)Always eating, but healthy! Eat vegetables and fruit to keep strong all life long!!
 (photo by Pat Nolan)

5)A lovely treat...(Ceuse) 
 (photo by Pat Nolan)

6) Happy rest days in the camping in Ceuse
 (photo by Pat Nolan)

Calle Virgen del Mallo, 20

7)Climbing in Riglos, "La fiesta del Biceps", 8 pitches climb, Spain.
8)Amazing Riglos walls, just above the little town. We climbed the overhang on the right.


10) Chamonix, where I live now.
11) Chamonix
12)Cham covered in snow, just outside home.