Assessment Criteria for progression from Junior to Junior Lead Climber (in-door climbing only)

Climber needs to:
  1. Be able to fit their own harness & helmet correctly 
  2. Be able to perform pre-climb checks 
  3. Possess their own chalk bag, harness & shoes 
  4. Be able to tie in with a retreaded figure of eight with stopper knot 
  5. Be able to lead climb with correct clipping technique, straight arm with a balanced position, clipping with either hand, gate facing & gate facing away 
  6. Be able to correct a Z-clipped situation 
  7. Be able to recognise & understand what is a "back clipped runner" 
  8. Be able to comfortably lead climb at 5b grade 
  9. Be aware of doing up screwgates at belays & communicating that they're safe & ready to be lowered 
  10. Be able to climb smoothly, movement should be balanced & comfortable, footwork should be precise and accurate, no scuffing, scrapping of feet on holds or wall 
  11. Be able to demonstrate the following climbing techniques, drop knee, left and right foot flagging, inside and out flagging, straight arm climbing, twist lock 
  12. Have practised & shown they can take a short fall (i.e. no more than a foot or two)