Warming up for climbing

A good warm up is essential for climbing: you will climb better and are less likely to sustain an injury. With no warm up, performance is compromised, fatigue comes quickly, and injuries are more likely. A good warm up should contain three elements:

1. Aerobic activity.
This increases blood flow and literally warms you muscles. The easiest option may be jogging around the base of a crag or running on the spot.

2. Loosening the joints. 
The important word here is gentle - were not talking extreme Yoga. You should rotate your arms, bend your elbows or wiggle your fingers before stretching them in any way.

3. Start easy! 
Not only does your body need to warm up physically, it needs to warm up mentally. Efficient climbing requires fluid movement, and this requires warming up both muscles and mind. An effective way to create fluidity in your climbing is to begin your session way below your limit.