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Gap of Dunloe May 2012

Saturday May 26th was the day chosen for CYCC's first Gap trip of the year. By strange cooincidence a large yellow orb hovered over the Reeks for the day and a welcome breeze kept the local winged residents well away.

Amy enjoying Bothan!

Over 25 CYCC climbers and parents turned up bright and early on Saturday morning to walk up the path to Rescue Rock. Rich Cussen and Mountain Instructor John Healy had arrived early to set up the first top ropes. A good friend of the club, John provided assistance to the club's recently SPA trained committee members. 

A busy Rescue Rock

John Healy and Rich Cussen delivered a safety briefing to all before any climbing started. Belayers were soon assigned and CYCC's young climbers were soon enjoying themselves on warm Gap rock.

Keeping things going

Soon more top ropes were needed. John H and John M head off to rig more routes

John H working on setting up anchors

A base camp specialising in tea and sandwiches was set up below the crag. Fortunately no shortage of tea reported throughout the day

Wearing shades and helmets at rakish tilts was the order of the day. Mark may have a climber at the end of that rope. Or may not.

Senior Leads Dave H, Dave C and John H started the day with some bouldering near the crags. Tourists were left wondering why Dave H was carrying around a mattress with him. 

The clubs new captain, Dan Flynn sets an impressive standard from the start.

A happy Cian ready for the off

Cormac about to get on rock

Ellen makes easy work of Rescue Rock routes

Matt carefully deciding his next move

Megan about to top out on Umbongo

Ruairi on Bothan crag

Yasmin "I just came up to ask, can I have popcorn dad?". She did really.

All the action was uphill

A rest before heading across the valley to even more climbing

Jack and Luke stroll up to Bothan looking for ropes and belayers

6pm and they are queuing for more climbing. 

At the end of the day, it was all about fun!

Although the odd nap came in handy from time to time. Daniel crashes out at his first crag bivvy. First of many!