Club Library

The CYCC operates a library for club members, volunteers and coaches. Please contact to reserve any of the DVDs or books listed below.

Instruction DVD's

Neil Greshams Master Class DVD's Part I

One of Britain's leading climbers, has produced two fantastic films to get you climbing at your best.Part 1 includes tips on how to make you move more efficiently on the rock as well as training ideas to power you up harder and more sustained routes. Suitable for reasonaly experienced rock climbers and boulderers of all grades between F5 and F7c

Neil Greshams Master Class DVD's Part II

One of Britain's leading climbers, has produced two fantastic films to get you climbing at your best. Part 2 covers the skills required once out on the rock including tips for onsighting and redpointing, warming up and route reading, curing your fear of falling, placing gear without burning out, advanced preparation and strategy plus actual ascent footage of Neil on Equilibrium (E10 7a) at Burbage. Suitable for reasonaly experienced rock climbers and boulderers of all grades between F5 and F7c.

Get on Rock, Libby Peter & Neil Gresham

The definitive instructional film that would take novices through their first steps outside as well take established climbers on a level. The menu driven format allows you to pick and choose between chapters such as how to rig a top-rope, survive your first lead, using double ropes, tackling overhangs and getting prepared for big sea-cliff adventures. Technical tutorials are mixed with dramatic footage on classics routes like Sloth, Cemetery Gates and A Dream of White Horses.

Self Coached Climber DVD

A dynamic package of training material from a pair of expert coaches, The Self-Coached Climber offers comprehensive instruction, from the basics of gripping holds to specific guidelines for developing a customized improvement plan. Hague and Hunter base their methods on the four fundamental components of all human movement--balance, force, time, and space--and explain how to apply these principles to achieve efficient results. The DVD presents live demonstrations of training exercises and features an original documentary of a 5.14a/b redpoint attempt by Adam Stack and Chris Lindner.

Climbing Walls Essentials

DVD produced by the BMC shows the essential skills & techniques for Indoor Climbing. 

Whether you are an experienced climber who uses a climbing wall for training for the outdoors, a beginner climber visiting the climbing wall for the first time, or an indoor only climber who uses the wall for keeping fit, meeting friends and competing in friendly competitions - Climbing Wall Essentials shows the skills needed to operate safely and efficiently in an indoor climbing centre.

Instruction Books

Rock Climbing: Essentials Skills and Techniques, Libby Peter

This book is aimed at new climbers, improving climbers and anyone who’s worried their ropework may be a little rusty. One of a series published by Mountain Leader Training, it is also the official handbook of the Single Pitch and Mountaineering Instructor Awards so has tips and advice for instructors and anyone responsible for other people’s safety when climbing. There are chapters on bouldering and movement skills, single and multi-pitch climbing, self-rescue techniques, scrambling and much more. The book is designed in a user-friendly format with over a hundred diagrams and photos

Rockclimbing for Instructors by Alun Richardson

Rock climbing is an exhilarating and spectacular sport that is attracting more people than ever before. This book is written for those climbers starting out on their instructing career. It contains the ideas and information that should smooth their path into the world of instructing and guiding. However, it is also for climbers wanting to improve their skills and gain from the author's knowledge and experience of climbing and instructing. It goes beyond covering the necessary skills of ropework, problem-solving and safety, by advising on how to teach movement and help students train effectively. Also included are sections on communication skills, legal considerations, aid climbing and scrambling

9 Out of 10 Climbers Make The Same Mistake by Dave MacLeod

"Dave Macleod's training book provides a welcome breath of fresh air for those who are tired of plodding through the same old training information. This is a step away from tedious theory and a move towards practical, hands-on advice, that really works! The very latest practical tips are delivered in a no-nonsense, user-friendly format and there are some golden lessons to be learnt on every page. Don't miss this opportunity to get your climbing on track." - Neil Gresham

The Self Coached Climber by Dan Hague & Douglas Hunter

The most comprehensive training for climbing book available on the market at the moment, it starts with the basics of the centre of gravity and correct movement. The model is based on the four fundamental physical components of all human movement: balance, force, time, and space. Each chapter begins with a conceptual explanation of the principles and then provides activities, developed during the authors' years as coaches, that allow you to see and feel the concepts at work in your movement.

After going through the most common basic moves in climbing with the aid of excellent colour photography, the book goes on to detail training methods for strength, endurance and mental composure for climbing. Book & DVD

Climbing Games by Paul Smith

This book is for anyone wanting to have fun climbing while developing crucial skills. The games described can be used in a wide range of activities from working on specific skills to fun warm-ups. As an aid to a climbing session or as the sole activity, climbing movements can be broken down and practised in a safe but challenging environment. Many of these games are particularly suited to those that are new to climbing and wish to improve their skills. If you're new to climbing, you'll find games which introduce some essential skills (such as 'crimping' a hold). Equally, old hands may welcome new games as an aid to helping friends progress or as an addition to a weekly climbing session. This book provides an invaluable tool for hours of practical training or even just entertainment for rainy afternoons! The easy to use format allows those coaching or even the client themselves to select their own games based on current needs and desires.  

Training for Climbing by Eric Horst

The definitive guide to improving your performance

Updated, expanded, and redesigned, thesecond edition of Training for Climbing builds on the best-selling first edition of this breakthrough text. Eric J. Hörst continues his tradition of melding leading-edge sport science and his thirty-plus years of climbing and coaching experience to create a unique and compelling book packed with practical how-to and what-to-do information.

Mountaineering Ireland 

MI has an online searchable library system in place for MI members. More details can be found in the link below:

Joe Brown - The Hard Years
Joe Brown is one of the greatest names in British climbing. This book not only describes his many notable climbs, but reflects a most engaging personality with a highly interesting approach to his craft. He was born in a Manchester slum, the youngest of seven children; his father died before he was a year old. The characteristics he showed as a child - a quite extraordinary self-reliance and an unexpected love of the countryside - are reflected throughout his life-story. The Hard Years is also the story of Joe Brown's climbs up some of the toughest mountains in the world