Wicklow Trip Report Sept'14 by Anna B

Wicklow Trip Report

On Saturday 13th of September we went to Glendalough Co. Wicklow. When everybody was there we began the long walk up to the bouldering area. We had some lunch there. Hannah and Yasmin went multi-pitching with Paul and Simone. The rest of us went bouldering. Most of the bouldering we did was really easy but some of it was kind of hard. When we finished bouldering we went up the mountain and did some top roping on the Acorn. We had a great view from up there. The climbs on the Acorn were fairly simple. We came back down the mountain and did some more bouldering on Big Jim. There were hard enough boulder problems there. We went back to the mountaineering hut afterwards. We had dinner then played some games like charades, and card games like liar. We went to bed at about midnight and went to sleep late. When we woke up we had some breakfast and then we drove up to Dalkey quarry and did more climbing there, only top roping though. Elanna and I were climbing with Paul. We did three different routes - an easy one, a hard one, and a high one. The high one was the best, but it was also the scariest. It was a really fun weekend and we got great weather. My dad took loads of photos. Thanks to everyone for making it a great weekend, especially the organisers.

Anna B