IBL 2011 Round 2 Trip Report by Caleb Cotter

IBL Bouldering Competition.

On Saturday, the 12th November, one junior (Clodagh) along with the junior and senior leads went to the IBL Bouldering competition at St. Coleman’s College in Midleton. It was my first competition.

I arrived late and was shocked that there were so many people in such a small room, every wall had climbing routes. The first routes I tried were warm up routes and were really easy but most of the other routes were really hard. They seemed to be made for grown-ups and I couldn’t reach some of the holds. The routes I found hardest were routes six and seven, I tried them both a lot of times and even though I did a bit better each time I never made it to the top. I dropped off route seven and skinned my elbow, it was really sore and bleeding a little so Dad and I went to the St John’s Ambulance Brigade. The man took me outside to the ambulance which was cool. It was my first time inside an ambulance. The man put a plaster on my elbow and I went back climbing.

I had great fun at lunch time with Sean and Matthew jumping into and on top of large foam mats.

Congratulations to Dave and Ellie who both came first in their sections, Jack who came second in his and Ellen who came third in hers, they all did really well because the climbing was really tough. Megan, Hannah and Sean all won spot prizes.

For my first competition, I found it really tough but I enjoyed it and I learned a lot. I will practice my bouldering more for the next one. It would also be great to go to St Coleman’s again.

By Caleb Cotter.