Dublin YCS 2012 trip report by John Higgins

It was a crisp March morning an I was standing at the pre-determined roundezvous point for my lift to Dublin. When my lift arrived the car had Jack, David, Richard and Mark (aka Brian) already squashed in. The tension in the car could have been cut with a blunt butter knife. We set off with climbing magazines in hand and songs on the radio providing most of the entertainment.

At the half-way mark Richard suggested we all played the 'Vegetable Game', a game which is extremly complicated and could not be explained by text, but I can say that it involves a wide knowledge of vegetable types. Richard was the winner but was disqualified as he was found to have an extensive list of vegetables already written on his arm.

When we arrived at UCD it was clear that everyone was now actually nervous, my nerves doubled when I saw the extremly large overhang on which one of Junior A's lead routes was set. This turned out to be our first of THREE routes and was also the 'easiest of the three. I failed to make it to the top whereas fellow team members Mark, Dave and Jack flashed with ease. The second route was extremly similar and I found to be of not much greater difficulty but still I failed to reach the top and the three others did. This did disappoint me but I was told that I did reasonably well and just needed to practice more. The third route even had Dave on the back foot. Neither of the four Junior A's reached the top but all seemed happy with their performances on the route. We then took a break for lunch in the sports centre resauraunt.Mark ate two meals forgetting that he still had his bouldering problems to go.

The bouldering began with everyone getting the full sixty points. Route two was not as successful for us, with only Dave making it to the top of the problem. The third route again caused even more problems. Not a single person got to the top of it, even Dominic Burns failed to make it to the top.

At the prize giving I extremely surprised. During the day I was so busy that i didn't even notice the fact that the younger boys and girls of the club were winning left, right and centre. So many from CYCC had podium finishes that i can't even remember who they were that won. All the winners got great prizes from the sponsors.

It was an eye opening experience for me and a very enjoyable day, and I'm sure everyone else in the club thouroghly enjoyed themselves as well.

John Higgins