First Rock Lead by Yasmin

Allée de l'Escalade

Where : Les Thermes @ Saint Gervais, Chamonix Valley, France
When : July 2012, on my summer holidays
Weather : Very warm and sunny
Who : My dad, mum & me (Yasmin, age 9)

What : Graded 5a, about 26M high; My dad lead it first and decided it would be a suitable first rock lead for me

How did it go : Dad fitted me up with lots of gear and I started up the route. Mum was belaying me. Got to the first clip without any problems and continued until the 3rd clip – so far so good. After that it got a bit more “interesting”. There was a slabby part in fromt of me. I wanted to go a bit to the right, but Dad said stick to the route because if I fell off I'd swing sideways too far.

I spotted a little ledge, pushed up on it and found a good hold above. The rest was straight forward until near the top. There was a very smooth slab and it took me a while to do the last few moves. There was a maillon at the top but Dad had warned me about it and had set up a karabiner for me to use instead. I clipped in & mum lowered me down. I really enjoyed the climb and was proud to do my first rock lead.