Gravity Climbing Wall trip report by Ellen Griffin

On the 27th of November I went to the new bouldering wall, Gravity, in Dublin. It was a great day. The place was really cool.

First, I walked around the place twice to have a look at the routes. They nearly all looked tricky. I had a look at the piece of paper saying which routes were the easiest and which ones were the hardest . It had grades going from 4a to 7a, even though I didn't think anything looked like a 4a. First I did some easy routes. Then I tried some harder ones.

Later some of the people who worked there took a group of us to try some fun routes. The staff were really nice and helpful with techniques. The route that I enjoyed trying the most was an over hang, which was like traversing twice. Sadly I didn't get very far. Hopefully if I go back there again I might get further .

Later we had a mini competition.The beginners and juniors did really well.When it got to picking a route for junior leads it was difficult. We had to pick a route which wasn't too reachy and difficult so that no one would be able to do it and wasn't too easy that everyone could. I got past the first route but then didn't get too far in the second route. Overall it was an excellent day and hopefully I'll go back again soon.

Ellen Griffin