Gravity Trip Irish Bouldering Championships, 18/2/12 by Cian Egan

On the 18 of February a lot of CYCC members took a trip to the Irish Bouldering Championships in Gravity,Dublin it was an enjoyable day for all club members and other participants. 

The day started nice and easy,we waited a while and then warmed up.At around 10’o’clock Neal Mc,Quaid(A representative of Mountaineering Ireland) announced that the contest was to start and we were all off, everywhere you went you saw people from aged about 7 to 50 years old climbing and working with friends on routes that gave them difficulty or hassle.The Gravity workers said at 12:30 that everyone should finish up around 1 but as a lot of people weren’t finished they gave another hour.

At 2pm they said that time was up and everyone had to turn in their comp cards and they gave time for everyone to rest around ½ an hour to an hour later they did the SUPEEERRRR FIINALLLL

After that they announced the winners and threw spot prizes then everyone went home……………..CANT WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cian Egan