Hanna and Cormac's trip report to Rzedkowice, Poland


Hanna’s trip report: Rzedkowice, Poland, 12-13 August 2012

Sunday, 12 August 2012, Day 1

Today we woke up in our house in Stare Pole. We got dressed into our clothes. Then we had egg bread for breakfast. After breakfast we played for a while until the taxis came. So, we got into the taxies and went to the train station. When we got into the train, we played nothing but cards for five hours. When we got to a city called Zawiercie we took another taxi to go to Rzedkowice in Jura.

When we got there, we went straight to the hotel. At the hotel we left our bags and went to see the rock. The rock here is lime stone and dries very fast. After looking at the rocks for some time, we realized if was 8.30pm and the last order for dinner was at 9 o’clock. So we rushed to the hotel and we got there on time. After dinner we went to sleep: all the kids slept in one room, my Mum and Dad slept in another room, and Carmel and Mike slept in the last room.

Monday, 13 August 2012, Day 2

Today we woke up early and got dressed, then we went for breakfast which was very big. After breakfast we got our gear and went to buy food for the day. When the food was bought, we went to Zbyszek’s house, because we were going to climb with him for the day. Zbyszek is a famous Polish alpinist, who was in the first Polish expedition to the Himalayas.

Then Zbyszek gave us the gear that we needed and we started walking towards the rock. As we were getting close to the rock, we saw at least 100 goats walking, eating and some even walking up to climbers’ lunch bags and trying to eat their lunch. The goats go up to the rock every morning so that so that the goats would eat the grass and that would save money.

Then we got to the rock called Kominek (Chimney). The order that day who goes first was Cormac, Clodagh, me and Megan. When Zbyszek got to the top, he belayed my Dad up. Then my Dad climbed up, came down and then Zbyszek came down. Then it was Cormac’s go. Cormac had a bit of trouble at the start because the good holds were too high. But he managed. Once Cormac was down, it was Clodagh’s turn. Clodagh was happy when she came down. When it was my go, I found it was not a chimney at all (as it meant to be a chimney). It was quite a nice climb. Megan then went up.

After that climb, we went to a climb right next to it, called Chimney Through Roses. This climb was a chimney and a very squashy one with big slippery holds. Cormac got in with no problem but me, Megan and Clodagh had a bit of a difficulty. Because Cormac is small, he could get in by slipping in, but we had to climb up a bit and then get in.

Then after that climb, we headed to the next climb. This climb was very different to the other two; it was straight first and then suddenly it turned into a barrel. Cormac went up first. But him being small, skills didn’t work on the barrel. He couldn’t reach the hold. So Cormac had to come down and I went up. This climb had good but reachy holds. When I got to the point wre Cormac got stuck, I had to put in a quick draw for Cormac to help him. Then Cormac went up again and got it.

When every one finished climbing, we packed the gear and went back to the hotel. Every one had a GREAT DAY!

Cormac’s trip report: Rzedkowice, Poland, 14 August 2012

Tuesday, 14 August 2012, Day 3

We woke up in the hotel around 8 o’clock, got dressed, brushed our teeth and had breakfast. Breakfast was yum. We wanted to go climbing, but the rock was too wet, so we went for a walk instead. When we came back, the rock was dry. So we went to the shop to get some food. Then we went to the hotel to get our gear. Then we were ready to climb. When we got to the rock, there were no goats, but that didn’t mean we wouldn’t go climbing.

The first climb we did was called Chopped Pillar, it was reachy, but we all got it in the end. The second climb we were hoping to was called Love. It looked easy enough, but when my Dad climbed it, we all knew it was far too reachy. So we tried to find a better climb. There were loads of climbs. Finally, we found a climb that suited us. It was easy but fun. When we got to the top, we could see the setting sun. When the last person came down, it was the END.