Hanna's trip report from Dingle

Climbing in Dingle

It was the 25th of September 2011. We were all looking forward to going together to Dingle. But… two days before the trip, I squashed my brother’s thumb in the door. It was an accident I swear. But Cormac says it was on purpose. He is a better climber, so it was my plan to disqualify him.

Since Cormac was injured, Dad said he would leave the car with Mum and poor Cormac. So, me and Daddy got a lift from John and Kathleen. Me and Yasmine, who were sitting in the back of the car, were playing DS and lost the only multi-player DS game. That was quite tragic. So, we just listened to music and giggled.

When we got to the wall in Dingle, we did a warm-up and did traversing across the wall. Then we split up into groups. I did some leading, nice climbs and a bit of chitter chatter with Julia, whom I have not seen for ages.

I love climbing because it is about sport and having fun with friends.

Then we went to a pizzeria with Clodagh, Megan, Yasmine, Julia, Dave, Jack, Owen, Dan, Sean, and our parents, because somebody had to pay!!! Ha ha.

Then I went home with Yasmine.

P.S it was a great day!!!

Hanna Aged 9