Irish Lead Climbing Championship 2011 trip report by Jack Flynn

It was the 19th of November and I was going to be my first time competing in the Irish lead climbing championships (ILCCs) along with Dave, Jack, Owen and Daniel. Mark and Sean were there too but they didn’t enter. Dave Hurley couldn’t make due to a bad bout of the flu, poor thing. We were all really looking forward to it. For most of us it was our first lead comp, so we were especially nervous. I had even bought a new pair of much needed shoes (Sportiva Muiras) for the occasion.

After a long drive down to Dingle we were finally there, we went straight over to look at routes. The wall looked a bit bare, immediately we could tell which ones were the final routes and which ones were the qualifiers then all of a sudden the place was packed full of people and weird accents, it was the NIYCT along with a few climbers from Dublin. Then Dave, Jack, Mark and Richard arrived. After a quick warm up it all kicked off with a very overhanging juggy route and then a harder even more overhanging route which was also the senior male qualifier, it was juggy at the start but very crimpy towads the top section.

After the qualifiers finished it was lowered down to 6 climbers who all did well on at route which looked about f7b and then it was time for the final which Dominic Burns crushed by winning both mens and juniors, very impressive. It was also close in the womens senior comp with Maggie Chojan, climbs at the Mardyke, the only person to complete the climb. At the end they gave out the prizes and did a free for all throwing out chalk bags, chalk balls and t shirts to everyone. Then we went back to the rainbow hostel, ate dinner and listened to mark on the piano. We watched movies for a while and started teasing jack about something he said (It was really funny). Overall it was a good day out but we didnt leave it at that we went back the next day to try to get the routes. We fell off and we were joined by other club members and we got a lot of hard climbing done but for me it was all topped off by 6c+ yellow route around the corner on one of the slabs which we all tried. It was class.

Jack Flynn