My weekend at the Gap of Dunloe by Megan


Hi my name is Megan.   I live in Cork City.  This weekend at the Gap of Dunloe wasn’t easy.   

First we had to wake up at around, 8.00a.m., then we needed to get dressed, have breakfast and pack.   We finally got in the car, (thank God), as when dad went to get it, he got a puncture.

Finally we got to the Gap of Dunloe.   Richard came down the mountain, and saved us.   Going up the hill was a terror, and my Mum was tired half way up.  When we got there Mum and Dad had a rest. Then we got on are feet and climbed, the walls which were so hard, fun and cool.   Later we had some food in are tummies, and there was food all round: rolls, pasta, sweet stuff, hot chocolate (mm mm).    

Then we went to the camp. Dave and Richard were kind enough to give the tent to us, I mean for the night.  While we were waiting we played FOOTBALL.  Then Jordon set up the slackline, yaaaa!!  Then Cormac, Jack, Dave, and so on fell on their faces.    Later for dinner we had burgers, sweet corn, garlic bread, roasting marshmallow and chocolate banana.   Then we had a snoop around the golf course. After we all went to bed.


On Sunday morning my dad went fishing at around 6.30am, very early I know. Then I got up at 8.00am. They were all up by then. (But Sean wasn’t). We all had are breakfast and headed for the gap. On Sunday was one of the hardest climb of my life.