My weekend in the Gap of Dunloe by Clodagh

We woke up, got dressed, brushed our teeth, had breakfast, brushed our hair, packed and went into the car.  We drove all the way to the Gap of Dunloe, after an hour and half we arrived to the Gap of Dunloe.

Richard came down from the mountain and we all climbed up the hill together.  We started putting on our shoes, helmet, harness, and then we started rock climbing.  

At first I was last in the line for the climb.   Then it was finally my turn, and when I went up and came down, I tried a different wall which I didn’t get either, but my on my second turn, I got it.  Later on I did abseiling with Damien, and then I did it on my own. Then that in the afternoon we went back to the camp site and had a barbecue.  Dave made us burgers, corn on the cob, and roasted marsh mellows.   We had a walk at midnight to the golf course with Jordan, Megan, Matthew, Hanna, Sean, Jack, and Eoin and play games with our light torches.

Afterwards we went to bed in our tent which Richard set up for us.  Dad woke up early and went fishing he caught 6 fish.   That morning in the camp site, we played Frisbees with Mathew, Megan, Hanna, Cormac, and Jack.   Then we had to have breakfast.   Instead of going in our car we went into Damien’s car.  

We went to the opposite wall and there was lots of midgies.   We did lots of climbing, and at the end of the day they made a zip wire.   When it was finally  my go I was  going down it but I was to scared to go down.   So I went up again and my dad came to get me, but I came down with Damien .  And when I was on ground everybody was saying I was brave for doing that.   My mum was proud of me and she gave me a piece of chocolate.   After my chocolate me and Megan  put on our  wellies  and got all our things.   We all went down the hill.  Then my mum let everybody pass her because she wasn’t used to going up and down mountains.   Richard took me down the mountain and we finally     got there and went to the others, where they were all chatting.   After a while we went to the car and I read my book.   On the way home, we went into a restaurant to have dinner, and we saw some girls dancing and we heard music.   After dinner we went into the car  and drove back home I really    enjoyed  my weekend.