YCS 2012 Ratho Trip Report

Ratho, City of Edinburgh

Trip Report from Sean Flynn, YCS 2012 competitor
We got up early on Friday morning and traveled to Scotland. When we got to Edinburgh, we settled into our hostel which was nice. Neal McQuad was staying there also. We had some haggis for dinner and we went to bed early. On Saturday we got to Ratho.The wall was huge compared to the Mardyke. There was 33 competitors in our category and me and Luke climbed well. All the climbs were amazing and I met some new people from different parts of England. I came 24th in my category and I was happy with that. Everyone had a great a day especially Cormac who came 6th. I hope to do it again next year.

Dave C getting some air in Ratho

Collage of Dave on the Ratho comp boulder

Clodagh's first route of the day

Cormac going for the 60 points

Cormac and the Ratho boulder!

We had the coolest club gear by far!