The role of parents in our club

Role of Parent/Guardian

A central tenet of the club is that parents/guardians get involved. It is critical to ongoing success and future development of the club that parents/guardians are involved. Climbing is a sport for all, no matter what age, ability, size, colour or creed. It’s something all the family can do. Go to any crag in Europe and you will see plenty of families enjoying a good day out in a safe & healthy environment.

This involvement will take the form of leader/volunteer. The leader/volunteer will need to be vetted by MI prior to joining. Once membership is cleared then the leader is covered by MI 3rd party insurance policy.

Leaders/volunteers will be required to assist at training sessions, away days, competitions etc, we should have plenty of volunteers/leaders so the burden should be well shared.

Don’t underestimate what you can offer to the club. It may be that you already have some climbing experience, would like to belay a climber, have a lot of P.R and fundraising skills, would be happy to chaperone a group of young climbers, are a wizard on the computer, have fluent French and know your way around the gap of Dunloe. The main thing is that we get to know what you can do and would like to do.

If particular skills are needed then it’s easier for us to organize the training as a club. The higher the ratio of adult to young climbers the better. Not all of us can be there all of the time but the more active members and volunteers we have the more people we can call upon to help out. To this end we will circulate in the coming weeks a skill sheet for adults to assess how they might be able to help. The feedback you give will help us to identify what training is needed.

The attachment below sets out what climbing, hill walking and mountaineering involve, in order to help parents gain a better a better understanding of these activities.

CYCC Cork,
16 Sep 2011, 13:07